Fresh Start

January 1, 2018

As I begin 2018, I have decided to begin blogging again after more than 4 years. I am getting a fresh start and will be writing at this location: It is still somewhat under construction as I work on the design, etc…, but I have posted my first blog.

I will leave the content of From the Heart available, but new content will be located at the new site. Feel free to join me.

Thank you for taking the time to read. God Bless!!


Just Be

October 4, 2013

This has been a theme that God has been teaching me for awhile now and I’m also trying to pass it along to others.  Too often, in our walk with God, we focus so much on doing that we forget to just be.  It is really more about who we are than what we do.  We need to learn to just be in His presence, be His ambassadors, be His children.

Well, I took an opportunity a week ago to just be.  I took Thursday off and went to Wichita to do a few things.  Then, I arranged with a friend to camp out on his land.  It was windy, but a beautiful night to just leave off the rain fly, keep the door and windows uncovered and look out at the stars as I fell asleep.  I’m usually an early riser, but somehow I slept until 7:00!  I must have needed the sleep if I could sleep like that on a mat.  I got up, made a fire and had pancakes for breakfast.  After that, I took my Bible and journal and went to sit by the Arkansas River and spend some time with God.

My prayer was that my mind would stop and that God would clear it of anything that was not from Him.  I spent some time in the book of Nehemiah, and it became clear what I am going to preach on Oct. 13.  However, that’s where it stopped.  I didn’t spend my whole day of rest working on the sermon like I usually would have.  God gave me some ideas and that was all.  I had some prayer time, and then sat there, just being…  I can’t tell you the last time my mind was so clear and free.  I watched these vibrant red dragonflies catching insects out of the air, I watched a good-sized fish come up and swim close to the shore where I was, and saw the minnows take off for cover, I enjoyed the cool breeze, and overall I just allowed God to minister to me through His creation.  This is where I sense His presence the most, when I am focused on Him outdoors in a serene, quiet place.  I was not surrounded by all the stuff that we humans think we need, and it was so peaceful.  I think God was teaching me what it meant to have Sabbath rest.  I was there to worship and to just be His.  It was the most refreshing thing I have done in a long time.  The guys that I meet with weekly came out and we had our time together next to the river, and it was good, as well.  I was going to stay another night, but there was a storm coming in and I haven’t waterproofed the tent, so I chickened out.  I still came home renewed.

These past few days looked different than last week.  I took Thursday off again (I have several vacation days to use before the end of the year…) in order to give my wife a break.  What an eye opener to experience life from her perspective…  I fixed breakfast, did the homeschooling, ran the kids back and forth to the dentist, etc…  The dentist gave them each a coupon for a free ice cream, so we all went there afterward and enjoyed some time together.  Then, we went out to eat so my lovely bride wouldn’t have to cook.  We capped the day off with some family reading time and prayer.  Today, I’ll try to give her some more rest because we have a 4-H meeting tonight, she stays up all night at the youth lock-in, and we are planning to attend a John Rosemond parenting seminar all day tomorrow…  This is our life – wonderful, but busy.

This morning, my reading included Mark 1:35 – “And rising very early in the morning while it was still dark, He departed and went out to a desolate place, and there He prayed.”  This came after He had been busy the day before healing people and His disciples even came looking for Him while He was praying to tell Him that others were looking for Him.  In the midst of the busyness, even Jesus had to just stop and be.  It would be prideful to think that we can get away with just doing and not being…

One thing I am learning: The busyness and doing doesn’t seem to stop, so we must be intentional about stopping and just being.  It is the only way we will find any kind of balance.  Doing is important, especially when it comes to God’s work.  However, we must learn to be and out of that we will be doing the right things.  Maybe I could sell t-shirts that say, “Just Be It.”  Don’t think it would go over as well… 🙂

Hope you can find your rest in the midst of the busyness!

Peace and blessings to you as we sojourn together!

Get In the Game

September 14, 2013

God seems to be teaching me that practice is good but we need to get in the game at some point.  I think there are times for practice, but if we never get in the game and apply what we have learned, what is the point?

A few posts ago, I shared that I sensed God’s leading to start a wilderness ministry – to get people away from the chaos and busyness of life to grown in intimacy with Him.  The wilderness can be the mountains or your own backyard.  We just have to stop and get away from the noise to hear God.  Well, it was time to stop dreaming, planning, etc… and do something – time to go from practice to getting in the game.

I have really connected with three young men who are all in high school.  Two are brothers and one has become like a brother to the other two.  Hmmm… maybe like Peter, James, and John…  Our three families are very close, attending the same church and participating in the same 4-H club.    One of the families we have been friends with for over 15 years and the other family for just a few years.  So, I have started meeting with these three young men about once a week.  We don’t meet in a classroom, but in different outdoor settings.  We have talked about discipleship and have begun talking about growing close to God through spiritual disciplines.  Our first meeting was in my backyard around the firepit, the second was at Dillon Nature Center, the third was a service project where we got together to help one of the gentlemen from our church put up a tent at the State Fair for Roundup Ministries, and yesterday we did a prayer ride.

We have a bike and walking trail that begins in one park at the northwest corner of town, follows along a creek and then the Arkansas River to another park at the southern end of town and loops around the second park and then you go back the way you came.  It is about 11 miles round trip.  There are several places to stop along the way.  A couple of the spots are along the river and make for a great place to spend time with God.  I have done this several times either alone or with a few others.  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to do this, as it stayed in the 70’s.   The topic this week was prayer, specifically the spiritual disciplines of personal worship, intercession, and praying for our own needs.

At the first stop, we talked about worshiping God in everything we do.  Worship is way more than the song service on Sunday morning.  We can do everything to the glory of God and in a way that worships Him.  It is a way of life.  We read Psalm 148.  God, alone, is worthy of our worship.  If our personal worship is where it should be, our corporate worship will be even more powerful and focused where it should be – on God and not what we can get out of it!

At the next stop, I shared a devotion written by Tim Clinton called “The Secret Place.”  It was a very timely devotion I had received this week on the topic of prayer and growing in intimacy with God, going to that secret place to pray and spend time with God.  At this stop, we had something unique happen that doesn’t happen in a normal classroom (and hence why I love the concept of wilderness or outdoor ministry).  One of the brothers said, “Hey look at those turkeys.”  The other brother said something like, “You dork those are geese.” (in a very loving, brotherly way, of course).  I jumped on the opportunity.  Both were right, but their perspectives were different.  There was a flock of turkeys to the right and a gaggle of geese off to the left.  I told them that this is where a lot of conflict starts in that people don’t take time to see things from the other person’s perspective.  Obviously, this wasn’t a big deal and no fights broke out, but it was a great learning experience.  We need to take time and stop and ask questions so we can understand where other people are coming from.  There are times where we see their perspective and find that they are right.  There are other times, where their perspective may be skewed or colored by life events, but at least we can know what their thought process is and can be a little more understanding.

Moving on, we talked about the importance of interceding for others and praying in humility for our own needs.  Over half way through the ride at one of the stops, I asked what was missing from our prayer ride.  It didn’t take long for one of the guys to say, “us praying.”  He hit the nail on the head.  We had talked a lot about prayer and praying, but we had not actually prayed together, yet.  I had definitely been in prayer for wisdom in discipling these guys, I had asked the guys to spend the first leg of the ride in silence to ask God to prepare their hearts for whatever He wanted to teach them, but we had not prayed as a group.  This is when I took the opportunity to talk about the importance of practice with the intent of using what was learned in the game.  We go to church, youth group, Bible studies, spend personal time with God in His Word and in prayer, etc… with the intent of taking what we learn and getting in the game.  We are called to GO.  We had talked a lot about prayer – now it was time to pray, not just now, but being intentional about prayer from now on.

In our society, people are trying to live the adventure through others.  Maybe through the television, through video games, through their children, etc…  However, we are called to get in the game and make a real difference in this world.  We are called to use our gifts and talents for the glory of God.  We don’t go to practice just so we can sit on the sidelines and watch the game.  It all comes out of an intimate relationship with our Creator.  Through that relationship, we grow in our faith, wisdom, and knowledge.  God wants us to know Him and make Him known.  I began the book of Daniel in my reading this morning.  Because of his and his friends’ faith, God made Himself known through them to a king of a powerful nation.  None of them swelled up with pride over what they had done, but praised God for what He had done.

It is not my heart in this to someday look back at what I did in these guys’ lives but to see what God did.  I just want to help make Him more and more known in their lives that they may GO and out of intimacy with Him, live out the great adventure.

By the way, on a humorous note…  in true guy fashion – all birds became turkeys for the remainder of the trip and when I saw them at the 4-H meeting later on, they were all walking a bit bowlegged from the ride.  Good Times! 🙂

Peace and blessings to you as we sojourn together!

Fun Family Time

September 6, 2013

This has been a great week.  Last weekend, we told the kids to each choose something we could do as a family for fun.  Other than normal chores, I did not try to pack in a bunch of projects for the long weekend like I often have a tendency to do.  You know, more time to get more stuff done.  I really tried to focus on having fun family time.  So…  we went and had lunch together on Saturday before going to the park and feeding the geese.  Though it was a 100+ degrees outside, we enjoyed the time spent together.  We later went to the pool for awhile.  We had a great church service on Sunday and even caught a little nap in the afternoon before the girls went to youth group and then had a pool party afterward.  On Monday, we drove to Wichita for laser tag, mini golf, and a few arcade games at All Star Sports.  I had never played laser tag, and really had a blast.  Of course, I think my son had the most fun.  He really got a kick out of sneaking up on me and shooting me at point blank range – scary how much he enjoyed that…  We then went to the mall to let the girls look around and do a little shopping.  I started a new Read-a-Loud book from their homeschool curriculum called The Master Puppeteer on the way home.  I think it will be a great book.

The fun didn’t stop with the end of the long weekend.  On Wednesday, I rode my bike to the office, as I try to do as much as possible when the weather and schedule allows.  I let it get a little bit too late to get home in time to stay with my son so my wife could go to their various church-related activities.  So…  I had the idea for her to throw his bike in the van and bring him to me and we would ride home together.  It is a total of about 4.5 miles when we take the safer route.  There was about a mile and a quarter of being on the road before we got to the bike trail, and he did fantastic.  Once we got to the bike trail, I could breathe a little easier and we could take the trip a little more leisurely.  There was a time where we stopped to get a drink and I used it for an outdoor wilderness lesson.  Just like we need water to live, Jesus is our living water – we have to have Him for eternal life.  It was also a great time to talk about staying on the right path by following God’s Word.  I told him the trail was like life.  Staying on the trail is like following God’s Word and obeying Him.  However, I showed him the grass burrs on one side of the trail and the big canal on the other side of the trail.  If we stray off of the path that God has for us, things don’t go as well and could even be harmful.  I later thought of lots of things I could have added to it, but probably keeping it simple for a 7 year old was better.  We made it home safe and happy, declared it a boy night, ate supper, played Legos (which ended up in getting out the nerf guns and firing upon one another’s battleships that we created and eventually at each other), wrestled a little bit, read a book from the Financial Peace Junior Set, and called it a great day.

Yesterday, I took a half day off, had some great one-on-one talk time with my oldest daughter, got the yard mowed, and some of us rode the bikes and a few drove to Sonic for half-price shakes after 8:00.  Today, one of our favorite things of the year begins – the Kansas State Fair.  We will pick our second daughter up from her job of cleaning a house at 10:00 and get to the Fair before 11:00, so it’s free.  We will probably spend the day doing educational things and then end the day watching some friends show their goats.  Monday, we’ll go for dollar day and look at more exhibits and Tuesday for Ride-a-Rama.  My wife will work a couple of days at the Jaffle and my oldest daughter will work at the Dairy Bar.  We all love the sights, sounds, and smells of the Fair.  It’s always a great family time.

So… while tomorrow I will have to buckle down and get a few projects done, it has been a refreshing time to just have some fun and enjoy my family.  We will never get these years back and I don’t want to have any regrets.  Life really is all about relationships.  It has never been more clear to me as I’m reading the Bible this year and journaling the doors and walls to intimacy.  We were made to live in community, beginning with the families God has blessed us with.  So, while all this was fun, we were doing the more important thing of building family bonds.  Yes, leave it to me to find purpose in having fun.  Now, that’s good stuff.  Well, better get ready for the Fair. 🙂

Grace and peace to you as we sojourn together!


Team Work

August 31, 2013

Okay, I admit, I broke down and had some fun last weekend.  We got the mowing (and other stuff) done on Friday, thanks to the tireless help of my 10 year old youngest daughter who has just learned how to mow and finds it to be fun.  So, we went to the Yoder Heritage Days.  For those of you not from around here, Yoder is a small Amish community not too far from where we live.

We watched the parade first, which was quite impressive for a small town, all except for the guy who was using an ol’ timey manure spreader to throw candy to the kids – that was a bit much for me.  We then moved our van in time to keep from being towed (we were parked along the road where the buggy races were to be held – maybe some NO PARKING signs would have been helpful… 🙂 ).  The buggy races were pretty fun to watch, but nothing like the Draft Horse Pull that came next.

My kids have participated in the pedal pull at the fair before, but I have never watched a Draft Horse Pull before.  So, with that said, even after watching it, I still don’t understand all of the rules, strategies, etc…  However, I came away with some lessons that I have actually used in at least three counseling sessions this week.  Leave it to my brain to be thinking of lessons in about everything I observe, even when I’m just trying to relax and have fun.

These horses were so amazing to me.  They were majestic and powerful, towering above their handlers.  You could just sense their desire to do what they were made to do – WORK.  The handlers often had a difficult time getting them to back up and be still long enough to get them hitched up before they would start trying to lunge forward.  Their huge hooves were pounding the ground in anticipation of the pull.  I was so impressed with one of the handlers in particular.  I would have guessed him to be in his 70’s, had a pretty significant limp, but was handling those horses with such skill.  You could see the years of wisdom coming through.  He ended up in 2nd place overall.  I was hoping he would take it all just because I admired his grit and determination.  Not that the others didn’t have it, but I was just drawn to him.  In some ways, he reminded me of John Wayne or maybe even my Grandpa…

I’ll save you some details and just talk about the team that won –  a pair of beautiful Belgians.  If I remember right, the weight they were about to pull was 8,200 lbs.  They were so excited, they could hardly be contained.  Their handler hitched them up and yelled “PULL” and they lunged forward. The muscles in their hindquarters looked like they were going to rip through the hide as they dug in and gave it everything they had.  They got a bit off rhythm and the load stopped moving.  When it stops like that, it’s about impossible to get it going without unhitching and starting over.  Fortunately, they have an opportunity to do this.  So, he walked them around in a circle, again they were excited, and he hitched them up, yelled and they lunged at the same time.  The handler was making all kinds of sounds to get them to keep going, and keep going they did all the way to the end.  They were pulling together, both giving all they had, and they tasted sweet victory.  When unhitched, they knew by the applause they had done well and pranced off like the kings of the arena they were.

Here are a few lessons, particularly about marriage, I can think of to take away from this:

  • Team Work means pulling together.  A marriage is a team.  A team looks out for one another.  A team wins together or loses together, there is no in-between.  I often tell couples that the QB doesn’t lose the game while the RB wins.  It’s all or nothing for the team.  No matter how good Michael Jordan was, he couldn’t carry the team by himself, which was evident in his first few seasons with the Bulls.  Here you can certainly see the wisdom from the Bible in the warning against being unequally yoked.  The team needs to be heading in the same direction or it doesn’t work.  The importance of team work really became apparent close to the end when the loads were at their heaviest.  Some teams couldn’t get in sync, and had to withdraw.  One would pull and then the other and each one would lunge, etc…, but it wasn’t together.  It wasn’t that they weren’t trying – each was trying on his own, but they weren’t pulling at the same time to move the load.
  • Everyone can use a coach.  The handler served as the coach, trying to bring the very best out of his team.  He wasn’t doing the pulling, but his job was important to get them positioned correctly and encourage them along the way.  Again, as good as MJ was, he still needed a coach.  Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”
  • Sometimes, we need “do-overs.”  Grace in marriage is crucial.  I could writ a whole blog on this one, so I’ll leave it alone for now.
  • Find purpose and enjoy doing what we are made to do.
  • Marriage takes effort, so give it all you got all the time – don’t become lazy, apathetic, and unintentional.  We need to be intentional, proactive, and vigilant to follow God and ward off the devil’s schemes.
  • The yoke or harness is representative of God and the load is representative of the world – being submissive to Him keeps us together in marriage and keeps the load from being unbearable.   – Matt. 11:28-30 (ESV) – “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  When the load is unbearable and too heavy to pull, we are probably trying to pull too much and in our own strength.  Don’t try to pull more than intended:  Lighten the load by asking God to remove the burdens of the past and present and by forgiving one another.  Also learn to abide in Him – apart from Him we can do nothing.
  • Sometimes, marriage (and life in general) is just going to be hard.  God is more interested in our holiness than our happiness.  We will have trials in this life.  But, as Romans 8:18 says, “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”  Sometimes we just have to trust in God, look straight ahead, dig in, and get ‘er done… as a team.  When this life is done, we will taste the rewards of Christ’s victory.  I want to hear those words, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

So, yes, as you can see, my mind goes 100 mph even when at rest…  These probably aren’t the only lessons that could be learned by this great example of teamwork, but it’s all I want to elaborate on today, especially as this has turned out to be a longer post than intended. 🙂

Grace and peace to you as we sojourn together!

Pulling the Weeds

August 23, 2013

When I got home last night, I was tired and somewhat drained, but at the same time couldn’t relax.  I had a feeling inside me that I can only describe as that of a caged-lion.  I wasn’t being mean to anyone, it was just a pinned up feeling inside.  I have been sensing the need for wilderness time, and it was really evident at that moment.  I decided to at least go outdoors.  Ever since we had so much rain a few weeks ago, the grass and weeds in the prayer garden have gotten way out of hand.  So, under the attack of a bazillion skeeters, I worked.  Then, the lesson began to unfold.  It was wilderness time, in effect.  I was outdoors, just God and I, in the garden.  It began to dawn on me that my life was getting to be like this garden.  Busy.  Cluttered.  Overgrown.

I began to uncover the stepping stones around the firepit, and more of the lesson unfolded.  To find the path that God has for us, we must take the time to be intimate with Him and listen.  Step away from the noise and busyness and take the time to stop, be still, and just be in His presence.  I need to not let the busyness and chaos of life get in the way of intimacy with God.

This can be a real challenge for me.  I am a first-born.  I have my to-do list and I attack it.  I feel responsible for everything I need to do and everything that others around me leave undone.  I pick up the ball when it is dropped, sometimes when I don’t even belong on that court.  However, there comes a point when my backpack is so full of responsibility that I am too burdened to just have fun and enjoy life.

That is exactly why I need extended wilderness time.  I have to get to a place where I have nothing to do, but be in God’s presence.  Nothing to do, but enjoy time with my family.  Nothing to do but be relaxed, so I can be refueled.  When I get to the wilderness, I can slow my brain down, stop worrying about all there is to do, and just enjoy being in the presence of God and my family.  My family sees a different side of me on vacation.  I have a really hard time relaxing at home.  Even when I sit down, I am thinking about everything I need to do.  The term “vegging out” does not exist in my world.

With all of that said, I know this is an area where God is working on me.  Pulling the “weeds” that choke out the abundant life.  Simplify.  Get rid of clutter – both literally and figuratively.  Find my refuge in Him.  Don’t try to be a hero and do it all alone, but involve and empower others.  Let some things go undone – if it’s important enough, someone else will do it, and probably receive a blessing for it.  If not, maybe it needs to just go away.  Be more concerned with being a God-pleaser than a people-pleaser.  Have f…  fu…. okay, I know I can say it… fun, yes FUN! 🙂  Spend more wilderness time in intimacy with God and lead others to this, as well.  Yes, this all sounds good in my head, but putting it into action will be difficult.  I know I can’t do it on my own.

Yes, I will always be a first-born who finds responsibility and work-ethic to be important and that’s not a bad thing, but it can’t completely run my life.  It can’t be my god.

John 15:4-5 – Abide in me, and I in you.  As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.  I am the vine; you are the branches.  Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

Okay… my family wants to go to Yoder Heritage Days tomorrow, so… I must get to my to-do list now in order to have fun tomorrow. LOL

Peace and blessings to you as we sojourn together.

Stepping Away From the Shore

August 16, 2013

I’ll share with you one of those dreams that I talked about last time.  I absolutely love being in the mountains.  I feel so free and close to God when I get away to the wilderness.  It all began when I was a boy and we would go to Yellowstone every year.  We would go other places, but our vacations were centered around Yellowstone.  In fact, we timed it to be there on June 15 when Yellowstone Lake opened for fishing.  I still get this feeling inside when I think about it.  I remember my very first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.  The sun was bright and reflecting off of the snow-capped peaks and it took my breath away.  Even as an adult, my heart starts pumping harder and my anticipation grows more and more as we get closer to the mountains.  Living in Kansas, the mountains are close enough to get to by vehicle, but too far to spend the amount of time I would like to spend there, especially with today’s gas prices. So, I have learned to enjoy just being outdoors with God, no matter where I am, and I believe God wants me to take it to another level.

I read somewhere recently that we should not forget what God tells us in the wilderness.  The wilderness is a wonderful place to be still and listen.  However, we often forget what God spoke to us when we get back to the busyness of life.  Well, I recently took some time to go back to my journals to refresh my memory on what God had laid on my heart.  The message that has come through loud and clear a few years ago when I ascended Uncompahgre and earlier this year at a retreat in Indiana is to get people to the wilderness.  Get people away from the noise of life so they can listen to God.  I believe God is calling me to add wilderness ministry to my job description.

Well, it sounds great in theory, but here is the honest truth.  I have been thinking about it, reading about it, dreaming about it… but I’m still on the shore.  I’m still in that comfortable and safe place I talked about in my last post.  It is really easy to read the book, Christian Outdoor Leadership, by Ashley Denton and get excited.  It’s really easy to read Backpacker Magazine and gain knowledge and salivate over all the cool (but really expensive) gear.  However, there comes a time when I must get away from theory and put it into practice.  I must leave the shore.  As a leader, I want to gain more skills.  All I have ever done is safe.  I have chosen to climb fourteeners that don’t require much more than strenuous hiking – although my last one did require a small amount of scrambling.  I have camped in places accessible by vehicle and close to facilities.  I have only canoed in a pond.  I have never done overnight backpacking.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m not going to go Bear Grylls crazy or anything, but I need to gain skills.  I need to have more experiences so I can lead people further.  I believe it was John Maxwell who said you can’t lead people beyond where you have been.  More than this, though, I want to step further out from shore to grow closer to God.

At the same time, I know how God has spoken to me in the times I have spent with Him doing the safe things, too, so I won’t discount that.  I know that I can take people to a park or on a walking trail and help them grow closer to God.  However, for me, as a leader, I need and want to leave the safety of shore to grow deeper in my faith and walk with God.  I’m not going to worry about the expensive gear, though I know gear is important.  I’m just going to do what I can with what God provides and see what happens.  I can’t afford a trip to Colorado right now, so I’m looking for something close at least to get my feet wet.  I have most of the basics, though most of it wouldn’t fit in the category of ultralight.  I just need a few more items and take a step into the water.

When I went through the third year of Men’s Fraternity, The Great Adventure, the project was to fill out the Life Compass where we defined the Sacred Ground of our lives.  We had to fill in the blanks of this statement:  “Before I die, I want to… Be… Do… Have… Help… Enjoy…, and Leave…  It was very much like a “Bucket List” but gave steps to be very intentional and purpose-filled.  Over the past few years, I have really revised and continue to revisit it regularly.  In fact, I renamed mine The Sacred Summits of My Sojourning, and have reworded it to say “At the end of life’s climb, I want to have… Been… Done… Had… Helped… Enjoyed… and Left…   With the Holy Spirit as my guide, I want to be purposeful in climbing these mountains during my life so that at the end, the view from the top will be amazing because of what He has done in me and through me.  Starting the wilderness ministry will fit in a few categories, but mainly in the one under the category of “Done” that says, … Lead spiritual journeys: backpacking, mountain climbing, etc… and the one under the category of “Helped” that says “Others know and love God, grow spiritually, find their purpose, and reach their summits.”  It will also be a great place for counseling and life coaching, which are two more of my life purposes.  Maybe sometime, I’ll add a page and put the whole chart on there.

Well, I’m getting pretty excited about this, but it’s time to get to my honey-do list so I can focus on the Sacred Summits list later… I really should add “mow the lawn on a regular basis” to my Sacred Summits list so at least I feel like I’m accomplishing more than… well, mowing the lawn. Seems like such a waste of life as it will just need to be done again in a week. Gives me more time to think and dream, I guess…:-)

Peace and blessings as we sojourn together!